toy program children special needsAt The Shirley Eves Therapeutic & Development Center we appreciate our volunteers.  Many of our programs depend on the time and generosity of volunteers to be implemented successfully.

If you would like to volunteer your time and skills to our center please feel free to contact our Director, Tracy Puglia below:

Tracy Puglia, Director
The Shirley Eves Center
Tel: 856-825-5840 Ext. 14


Special Volunteer Help Needed: From time to time we put out a call for specialized skill volunteers. Please check back often for updates. These can range from computer skills to carpenter skills. Anyone can offer to volunteer simply by calling 856-825-5840 Ext. 14, or emailing. Thank you!


Volunteer Opportunities for The Shirley Eves Center

We always welcome volunteers here at the Shirley Eves Center. There are various ways to lend a hand and contribute towards our programs. Please call 856-825-5840 Ext. 14, if you would like to volunteer.

Clerical/filing – We service many children and have various programs. There is always lots of filing to be done!

Washing toys and equipment – Our therapists have a large toy library and equipment room where they can bring educational toys to the children they service. Our toys need to be washed daily to ensure safety and cleanliness to all the families.

POH – Project Open House (our ramp program). This program allows us to build ramps for seniors in the Cumberland County area who are age 60 and over and are permanently disabled. We can use skilled volunteers in carpentry and lumber donations for the ramps.


Please call 856-825-5840 Ext. 14, if you would like to volunteer.